Well, I'm here.

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Well, I'm here.

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Interesting idea for a website. There's plenty like it, where we can just say whatever we want. Weird, that they seem to attract right-wing and conspiracy minded folks, though. Is there a big market for this sort of thing? I've never felt like my ability or right to speak my mind has ever been infringed by Facebook or any other site, let alone the government (lol). Seems to me that these sites and apps just attract people who really hate that the rest of the world doesn't like seeing their racist, phobic, and schizophrenic rants.

Anyway, I'm a socialist. I talk about left-wing things and I'd be interested in seeing if this site ends up going anywhere or if I'm totally in the wrong place. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: Well, I'm here.

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Welcome aboard!

I'm glad someone with an opposing view point has joined. I was afraid this place was going to become an echo chamber. Hopefully we'll have lots of fun debating stuff.

And to answer your question, I've been banned by Discord for "promoting racial hatred". I think it was my posts about the South Africa farm murders. As for Facebook, I deleted my account after it repeatedly prevented me from sharing links with my friends via private messages- the platform kept telling me they didn't allow links from that particular site (usually American Renaissance). That and the company kept trying to shove its politics down my throat, promoting their causes while censoring ones I liked. I think you'll find a lot of people have had similar experiences with Facebook for having the "wrong" views. As for YouTube, I've been shadow banned a bunch of times (I could see my comments, other users couldn't -oddly enough, one was about gardening). So I deleted my account there. Basically the only social media account I have now is with Gab, which I honestly don't use much. Sufficed to say I don't think social media is the best way to have a debate.

Have a great thanksgiving, and thanks for joining!
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